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Web Design FAQs

  • How long will it take to build my website?

    At minimum 4-5 weeks, but this depends on the complexity of your project and how fast you provide feedback, content and other required materials to us.

  • What does the term "responsive" mean?

    Responsive website design refers to the technique of building a website that resizes and adapts to look great on smartphones, tablets, and computers. At Shore3, we believe in building future proof websites that are usable on any device your customer could be using, which is why we always use responsive design for new website projects.

  • How is Shore3 different from other website design agencies?

    We bundle ongoing total website management and marketing with most of our new website projects. We're here for you long term, whereas many agencies just build your website and then disappear. We'll work with your business to create a long term growth and marketing plan once your new website is up and running. Most websites charge thousands of dollars up front to build your website, and then hourly fees for any maintenance. Our affordable small business website packages give you all the maintenance and marketing work you need at an integrated, transparent price.

  • Will I get to be involved in the website design process?

    Yes! In fact, we require it for all of our projects. We love working with small business owners and marketing teams because you know your story better than anyone. You'll give us initial input on your design and brand style, provide feedback on design concepts, and work with our guidance on the structure and content of your website. Our goal is to provide as much guidance as needed to ensure your website is a success, but make sure you have a voice in and are satisfied with the final outcome.

  • Do you use website templates or pre-cut designs?

    For most projects, we provide a completely custom website design tailored to your business because no two companies are the same. We do offer some template website solutions for select types of businesses/industries at a reduce cost, but you don't have to select this if you want a completely custom website. Contact us for a quote and we'll give you transparent options!

  • Why are your prices lower than some agencies I've spoken to?

    Our team is distributed throughout the USA which helps us find the best talent at competitive rates. We pass on this reduced overhead to our clients as valuable savings. We also focus on building long term relationships with our clients, and are one of few agencies that bundle total website management and marketing with a new website design. Our success is based on your success over time.

  • We're a medium sized business or enterprise. Can you help us with our website?

    Yes! Our team delivers incredible value at small business prices, but we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from local retailers to national brands like Mitsubishi Electric and NSF. Check out our portfolio to see our work.

  • I don't see any examples of work for the industry we're in. Can Shore3 still help?

    We work with a variety of B2B and B2C businesses. From retail, professional services and ecommerce, to enterprises and tech startups, we have experiences with most industries. Contact us to talk about whether we would be a fit. If not, we'll give you some advice on other agencies who may be able to help, free of charge.

  • What platform/technology do you use to build your sites?

    We use a variety of platforms, from our unique ShoreTools CMS which makes it easy to edit your site in just a few clicks, to enterprise products like Sitefinity, and BigCommerce and Shopify for Ecommerce sites. We are proud to be a partner agency for numerous leading website platforms including Adobe BC, BigCommerce and Shopify. If you have questions about a specific platform, please contact us.

  • Can you update my current website, or finish my incomplete website?

    Typically, it is less expensive for us to create a new site because we may not be experts in the technology previously used to build your website. However, if it's standard HTML or one of the platforms above that we are partnered with, we may be able to help. Contact us for a complimentary evaluation.

Ecommerce FAQs

  • What types of products and how many can I sell in my online store?

    The beauty of our small business Ecommerce platforms is that they allow you to sell one to thousands of products, and any type of physical item or even digital downloads or services. Your monthly price may increase if you have an excessively large product catalog, but we'll provide a detailed breakdown in your quote. Contact us today for a free proposal.

  • Can you integrate with my ___ system?

    Shipping, CRM, Marketing, Point of Sale - our powerful Ecommerce platform integrates with them all! We are experts at streamlining your business processes and will help you maximize the value of your website by integrating it with a complete set of tools. Contact us today to see if we support your existing tools and systems. If not, we can provide options to transition to systems that are integrated with us or discuss a custom software integration if needed.

  • Can I have product filters or a custom catalog structure on my online store?

    Yes! We understand that today's online shoppers expect easy search and filter tools to find the exact product they are looking for. We offer several customizable modules that will allow you to organize the products on your website in the most user friendly manner possible.

SEO, RGO, and Internet Marketing

  • What is this "RGO" thing, anyway?

    RGO stands for Revenue Growth Optimization, and it's a phrase we have coined to encompass your complete marketing and conversion strategy. While SEO in the traditional sense focuses just on driving more traffic to your website, our RGO strategies focus on driving traffic and converting it to customers. This means optimizing for Ecommerce sales, or for lead generation/non Ecommerce sites, optimizing to gather contact information so you get a steady stream of leads. We go one step further and help your business establish a system or process to follow up with leads to ensure you see the maximum return on your investment. Finally, RGO includes strategic planning of your other online marketing efforts like paid ads, social (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), email newsletters and SMS marketing. Learn more about our unique approach to small business marketing.

  • What does "SEO" stand for?

    Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of editing your website content and code to make sure Google and other search engines can index your site in the hopes of achieving a higher ranking in search results. Search engines have robot programs, called "spiders", that visit each page of your website and try to understand the content on it. A well search-optimized site makes it easy for their programs to read all the data on your site and add it to their database of the entire internet.

  • Do you guarantee my website will show up on the first page of Google or other search engines?

    No, this is impossible to guarantee because search engines are continuously changing their algorithms which determine how websites are ranked in results. Any agency who is making this guarantee cannot stand behind it, and often times will use spam marketing techniques that result in a penalty to your site by Google, known as "black hat" SEO. We'll work with your company to create online marketing goals that are realistic and drive meaningful sales growth.

About Us

  • Where is your team located?

    We are a distributed team with locations in California and Nevada, but remote team members in cities across the US. This distributed model allows us to find the best talent to work on your website design, internet marketing and branding at prices affordable to small businesses.

  • Do you outsource your projects overseas?

    No. Our team is distributed in cities throughout the USA, but we do not have any offices overseas.

  • Do you charge for technical support?

    If you're on our website management and marketing plans, there is no charge for support. We stand by you!

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