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It's time for a new approach to small business marketing.

If your goal is to be "number one" on Google and surpass all those big box national chains for your industry, then you're in the wrong place.

If your goal is to grow a healthy, continuous stream of new revenue for your small business, using the internet to reach new customers, then say hello to Revenue Growth Optimization from Shore3.

RGO focuses on attaining realistic positive results through a mix of marketing techniques and mediums, continuous evaluation, and iterative strategy adjustments. We believe in scrappy testing and quick learning to drive results faster and without multi-year contracts.

Keep reading below to learn more about our fresh approach.

seo alternate approach small business

Your current strategy isn't working.

Your "SEO Agency" is costing a fortune each month yet your site isn’t climbing in organic online searches, and you’re still putting big bucks into your paid online ad budget to get any visitors. Or, maybe you’re getting a steady stream of website traffic, but total conversions and revenue growth have stalled.

Time for a change? The first step in a winning online marketing strategy is to understand why so many traditional programs fail. We’ve been working with small businesses since 2007, and have learned the most common reasons SEO plans fail to get you the results you deserve:

  • Lack of diversification They only focus on one marketing channel, like organic SEO or paid AdWords, instead of creating an integrated plan of attack.
  • No plan to convert traffic to sales They may drive lots of traffic to your site, but they lack a strategy to convert each visitor to a customer or even capture leads.
  • No learning and iteration Many agencies use cookie-cutter SEO strategies and never re-visit their techniques after they start your first campaign, so they never learn what mechanisms are effective to reach your target audience.

High conversions, not just high visitor traffic.

RGO is Shore3's new small business internet marketing offering. It goes beyond traditional search engine optimization, bringing a diversified strategy of other marketing techniques, and tools to maximize the revenue from every visitor and lead you receive. It combines marketing practices with business operations practices to help you obtain maximum revenue growth from your marketing investment.

RGO includes the a mix of the following services, tailored specifically to your company’s needs. Contact us for a free consultation and proposal.

small business seoSEO
small business ppcPPC (Paid Ads)
small business social marketing and retargetingSocial & Retargeting
small business marketing automationMarketing Automation
website ux optimizationUX Optimization
small business email marketingEmail Marketing
small business crmCRM
small business website analyticsAnalytics

Sample Pricing

Sample A

6 month minimum
  • Search engine optimization of your website
  • PPC ad management
  • Email marketing platform with website integration setup
  • Analytics and monthly repoting

Sample B

6 month minimum
  • Full service marketing
  • SEO, PPC, email and social marketing
  • Content writing services
  • ShoreSpark CRM with marketing automation and setup
  • Analytics and monthly reporting + strategy adjustment

When it comes to marketing your online business, one size doesn't fit all.

These packages are samples to give you an idea of the cost of working with us for all of you marketing needs. Let's talk about your business, and then we'll prepare an itemized quote just for you.

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